National Women’s Health Week

It is National Women’s Health Week.  The goal this week is to promote healthy living for women.  We encourage women to seek preventative care.  Every year, women should have a pelvic and breast exam.  Women ages 21 to 65 should go for regular pap smears.  Depending on your pap smear history, you and your provider will determine the frequency.  Women age 40 and older should get regular mammograms.  At age 50, women should start getting colonoscopies.  It is important to discuss symptoms and concerns with your healthcare provider such as menstrual irregularities and family history of breast, ovarian and colon cancer.

Women also should establish care with an internist or primary care provider.  The number one killer of women is heart disease.  It is important to discuss your risks and the frequency of screening with your provider.

We encourage women to get 30 minutes of exercise daily, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and limit alcohol intake.

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