How to Reduce Your Risk for C-Section

According to the 2014 CDC data, approximately 32% of all deliveries are performed by c-section in the United States.  Many of our first time moms want to know how to reduce their risk of delivering by c-section.  We recommend talking with our midwives.   While our midwives don’t manage all our labor patients, they manage a large percentage of them.  The recent data showed that in the last year our midwives labored over 900 women with a C-section rate of about 9.5%.
Please note this did not include women who NEEDED a C/S (such as those with a breech presentation or placenta previa). Their data was based on patients who arrived at labor and delivery AND were candidates for labor and vaginal delivery.
So, take home message?
Utilizing our midwife service provides our Ob patient an excellent opportunity for a vaginal delivery.